Exotica Radio Show Podcast-November 26, 2010-Randy Maugans with Jeff Cross

Download – “Exotica-Jeff Cross on “Ancient Frauds”

Researcher and talk show host, Jeff Cross examines the evidence and motives behind major media presentations of ancient megalithic sites such as the recent History Channel series, Ancient Aliens: Unexplained Structures

Jeff asks hard questions about what is being presumed about Gobekli Tepe, the alleged ” oldest human-made place of worship.” Why did HC not interview archeologist  Klaus Schmidt, who first began digging at Gobekli? Is the narrative of paranormal journalist (and HC consultant), Linda Moulton Howe an attempt to “skew” the narrative toward an ET theme?

Then there are the science issues surrounding radiocarbon dating, the complete lack of any documentary photographic evidence of the site’s excavation, a 14-year “gap” (1994 toAn “inserted” column?”—where are the dig photos? 2008) in the documenting of the digs at Gobekli, and the anamolous colums which have the appearence of being inserted? 

Truth does not come from agendas, bad science, skewed conclusions, or a solid lack of authoritative documentation. The History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens” is, at best, “pop” history entertainment for the masses…or worse, a deceptive media ploy to lead us into a pre-determined outcome: “The Star Seed Agenda.” We call “foul” until the HC makes a more solid case for its presumptions.


History Channel-Ancient Aliens: Unexplained Structures – Video

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Robert Schoch website-the only PhD interviewed in the ‘Unexplained Structures’ episode of ‘Ancient Aliens’

An interesting article at Huffington Post on the “de-contextualizing” of Gobekli Tepe from Pavel Somov, Ph.D :

“The spin is on: the future history of this historical find is already being written: the site has been already called a temple; the find has been already semantically placed in a religious context. How do we know that this complex was not, say, a Neolithic museum of natural history, a kind of pre-agricultural pictorial information-exchange between the generations of hunter-gatherers? How do we know that this wasn’t a stone-age equivalent of MoMA or the first open-air night-club?”