Exotica Radio Show Podcast-March 21, 2011-Randy Maugans with Duncan O’Finioan

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Duncan O’Finioan returns to Exotica in a wide-ranging discussion that begins with the subject of insider “whistleblowers” on the net…we talk about Benjamin Fulford and the “Charles” interview with Bill Ryan at Project Avalon. We move to the subject of the two main elite bloodlines who are warring—and the third group, of which Duncan’s godmother is a part; and the events which resulted in Duncan being called before a tribunal and told to choose whom he was going to serve.

Understand that threading together all the connections at the highest levels of global power requires a bit of deftness, which goes into the spiritual realms…the ancient battles over earth and the populace…the bigShiva, Detroyer of Worlds at CERN conCERN…CERN…portal for armies of immortals…the REAL “black awakening”…Shiva, destroyer of worlds…a symbol for one of the bloodline families (an ANCIENT, ancient group)…the “never never”…”Ghostbusters” and the seeding of the occult…the dark mission is revealed, and we discuss some of the roots of this battle for planet Earth. 

This is the first of several shows with Duncan; and his partner, Axe, will join us for a deeper probing of this battle, the storm gathering, and how we can possibly withstand the onslaught.

Closing music:

“Waiting For the End”-Linkin Park


Project Avalon

Benjamin Fulford