Panel discussion with ancient aboriginal healer, Steve Richards.

Steve Richards Contact Info: or

P.O.Box 259
Runaway Bay
Qld 4216
Phone 0412455740

Panel: Annalie Cummings, Miranda Kelly, Duncan O’Finioan, and Randy Maugans

Topics: healiong trom trauma, DID/PTSD, demonic/spirit influence, substance abuse, apparitions, psychotronic influences. Past life influences, curses,group demonic influence.

The State of the World and Us

Right now, Steve says, the kundalini energy of the world is going crazy. This is the cycle we are going through right now and is expected, which is what we have been saying for quite some time.

Certain factions who understand how energy works have been using it to their advantage by treating the world population as a slave race, and have set up systems whereby they can literally harvest the energy of people. More on that in the interview.

You will also learn about dimensions of reality, transmutation, plutonic geometry, the laws of LORE, and energy crystalisation and so much more. This is highly recommended reading and listening for anyone who has experienced trauma of any kind in their lives and is wishing to heal.

One of the amazing things about HK is that it not only works to heal people, but can also be done to heal locations, homes, and even trees and plants, which this beautiful planet, our mother earth and Gaia sorely needs right abut now. More about this here


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