After Hours-June 6, 2012-WolfSpirit Radio Interview with Duncan, Miranda, Randy, and Corso, June 6, 2012

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This was posted by Miranda at the O’Finioan blog today:
What happened on this interview is unprecedented. To briefly sum up, Duncan switched personalities on air while re-living the memory of playing ‘war games’ as a young, 12 year old boy. 
There are a lot of people out there who think that the idea of being a “supersoldier” is really cool. If you can hear me over the sound of Duncan complaining about how much he hates the term supersoldier, please read on.
He became stuck in the trauma of the memory where he was forced to shoot a boy his own age with a bow and arrow.
If you listen to the interview, you will hear Duncan switch as he tells the story with great difficulty, and then disappears off the call.
What happened after the call is not something we are going to share publicly, but suffice to say  Duncan paid a high price. He is recovering still from the aftereffects of this. If you listen to this interview, be prepared, especially those who were in projects or have been suffering the specific effects of mind control. It is very emotional.
Thank you to all for your love and support through this. It means the world to us. Especially to Randy and Dave, who have been with us and supported us through everything.
Happy Birthday Duncan — To the toughest, kindest, sweetest, smartest man I have ever known who has saved my life more times than I can count, and who Never. Gives. Up. I love you. (Miranda)


I will add this to the conversation:

James Rink has posted, on Facebook, a long tirade about Duncan (and reposted by our favorite fake blogger/”White Hat” on his fake blog promoted by Kerry Cassidy) that includes information some of which is true (the parts quoting Duncan’s demand that Rink take out tags and other references to Duncan from his online posts)and much that is fantasy, or just more imaginings by a would-be credible mind control asset.

I do not know James Rink’s story. What I DO know is that there are agents and operators who wish to promote, for profit, the ongoing disclosures by a “new generation” of what is termed “super soldiers”. While we here at OffPlanet Radio support disclosures, we are also wary of those who take too great of a measure in their “fame”.

The most recent  round of interviews being pushed out to the web from certain high profile “whistleblower” sites aggregates a group of “nextgen” project disclosers, including James Rink, in order to promote an upcoming “Super Soldier Summit” being held in Marin County, CA at the end of June.

The promoter, Lorien Fenton, has been in contact with this host since last fall. She has claimed to manage/promote a number of “celebrity” types on the talk circuit, including “UFO Highway” author,  Anthony Sanchez. Despite efforts to book guests through her, as of this date NOT ONE INTERVIEW has occurred. Anthony Sanchez has twice failed to make good on promises for an itnerview and the others on her roster were never produced UNTIL it was time to ramp up publicity for this “Summit” event.

After her “package deal” of SS’s appeared on the Kerry Cassidy show, Lorien Fenton then approached me about having them on OffPlanet Radio. This is just more of the smarrmy, manipulative, duplicitous bullshit that goes on regularly in the so-called “alternative media” circuit!

For the record: OffPlanetRadio does not “do” package deals. The art (and it is just that) of interviewing potential military-intelligence assets, who have been (and in some cases stlll are) in black-ops programs requires something more than a casual roundtable. First, I vet my interviews over a long period of time via private correspondence in order to establish basic facts, scenarios, and potential “tripwires” in a formal interview. Second, I refuse to work through handlers. You may call them managers, agents, or publicists…they play a role that, in this domain, can displace a rigorous examination of facts. I say that to qualify my next round of statements. 

Jame Rink: Super Soldier Fantasy CampWhatever and whoever James Rink may or may not be, he enjoys his public personna. Reading his Facebook pages makes it clear that this is not a person who should be taken seriously on the basis of his online profile. Too much of what is posted is more of the same “woo-woo” mysticism that passes by everyday on the net.  “Serious” claims require serious proof (Carl Sagan) and not school-boy super hero fantasies. 

As for the alleged text conversations with “Adam” regarding Duncan and Miranda…this falls into Former White Hat territory. Claims made with absolutely no basis in fact except the delusional word streams of children who spent way too much time playing XBox and cruising the internet. I can tell you that people coming out of projects are TRAUMATIZED…they do not revel in their involvement with dark cabal operations. They reluctantly disclose, sometimes painfully over many years. 

James Rink, along with Alara Blackwell, both make claims to being psi warriors…in modern jargon, remote viewer/influencers. In attempts to connect with Blackwell, I found it impossible to engage her as she was gushing over being invited to speak in (I think) Taiwan. Like Rink, she presents a narrative of disassociative experiences which may be real, but lacking in corroboration beyond the anecdotal. Both exhibit ego-driven identity issues inconsistent with evolved psychic beings  of military grade. If they have stories to tell it may be years before their own collapse allows a genuine reflection of their pasts…or the stories will vanish like yesterday’s news. If either has any issues with what I am writing, contact me…we will talk.

Finally: Duncan, Miranda, and Dave all paid high prices in their lives. I have solid proof of WHO they are and what they endured. I have sat and looked Duncan and Miranda in the eyes. I have seen demonstrations of their abilities and of their “alters”. I also have evidence of Dave’s own encounters and alternates that leads me to connect many of the dots in their pasts. Each understands their past and what they are to do now, and in the near future.

Also, Mr. Rink: Duncan and I discussed other generations of “super soldiers” in our earliest interviews in 2009-2010, as we were both aware of the existence of MANY generations of projects beyond Omega and Project talent. We fully expect an activation of programmed hybrid-human assets…we also know about the “kill switch”.

To this “NextGen” group of disclosers: if you are “real” stop playing fast and flashy…and BEWARE of those who use you for merchandise! The shelf life is short, attention spans are shorter. You handlers are not what they appear to be, and the game is both real and VERY deadly!