Wednesday July 18, 2012 Live Show-Randy Maugans with Bob Neveritt and Dr. Carolyn Dean

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RNA Drops, Ascension, and Exclusive: “The Origin of ION”

We were privleged to host one of the most interesting couples anywhere! Bob Neveritt and his bride, Dr. Carolyn Dean in a a rare appearence together outside of Cash Flow or ION sessions. For the first time on air, Carolyn reads through her transcription notes from the first session with “JW” and the non-physical being later known as ION. Details and insights never before heard are presented as Bob and Carolyn recall the origin of ION. Inside details on “JW”, ION, and some carefully dropped new information.

As always, Bob riffs on the dominat themes of the 5-Bodies, McLuhaneque overlays, and the arc of his work in intelligence, media ecology and the mystery landscape. In that first session transcript, ION lays out the plans to dissclose the the “new reality”; the information long witheld…not even classifed…about the oligarch’s stranglehold on human consciousness and how their power is now dissolved by his appearence, “the thinning of the veil”…physical and non-physical co-exist The Resolute Desks screaming for the new reality to be brought forth…DNA Drops, what they are, how they were developed, and some anecdotal results. 

The show is interupted twice by, we believe, ION, disallowing certain information emerge…the “ghost” was in the machine.



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