Studio interview with Sarah Stanga with Miranda Kelly-Recorded July 29, 2012-Part 1

Download Sarah Stanga Interview-Part 1-Multidimensional Mind Control – Left click to download MP3 audio

Sarah Stanga was born into a multi-generational bloodline, Her past life history, birth charts, genetics, and natal place of birth positioned her to be targeted from childhood as a subject for elite ritual ceremonies, programming, and genetic experiments related to MILABS and MK_ULTRA-type secret projects. As she awoke in her late 20’s to the recurring bleed-throughs of rituals, off-world entities, and elite ceremonial abuses, she set out to recover her identity and begin disclosing her past to a world that only disbelieves, but scoffs, ridicules, and continues the trauma.

Part 1 relates the details of her past memories with great detail and adds to the wider disclosures of the Satanist global rulers who live off the energies of the innocent, and promote pedophillia and perversion. This is a brutally frank discussion done with grace and the heart of a survivor-warrior.

Miranda Kelly, who has been part of several interviews on OffPlanet Radio, and is the partner of Duncan O’Finioan, provides the support and background color for this interview.

Note: the sound on this interview is, at times, distorted or garbled, as we experienced tremendous interference over Skype throughout the over two hour call. Numerous disconnections, repeated hacking attempts, energy pulses, and psychotronic interferences can be detected.