Studio interview with Sarah Stanga with Miranda Kelly-Recorded July 29, 2012-Part 2

Download Sarah Stanga-Part 2-Multidimensional Mind Control – Left click to download MP3 audio

Part 2 of the interview focuses more on recovery and spiritual methods for understanding and countering the global mind control grid. As Sarah and Miranda repeatedly point out: those who scoff, mock, and deny the stories of these survivors are the TOOLS of this same cabalist structure. Following this interview, Sarah was brutally attacked and has posted an article announcing she is withdrawing from the public to continue her own personal path of wholeness. We continue to support Sarah, and will note that her experience of public ridicule by elite-financed media plants is another level of the seriousness of the message she has delivered. We salute her heroic actions and continue to support her in all her future efforts.

“All of this can be broken
All of this can be broken
Hold your devil by his spoke
And spin him to the ground.”
-Laura Marling


Deep thanks to Miranda Kelly for providing the support and background energy work that enabled this interview to be conducted. Your insights, intuition, and sense of timing are impeccable!

“They” do not win—“they” have already lost.


Closing music:
 “Devils Spoke” – Laura Marling