OffPlanet Radio Live – August 8, 2012 – Randy Maugans with James C. Horak
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The hour 2 “reboot” after the Skype connections were restored: further analysis of the history behind the work of Dr. Norman Bergrund;s discovery of the EMVs in the rings of the Saturn; the EMVs work on the earth, and the “cities of the sea”—spiritual technologyi/ntelligent biological beings who cultivate life in the sea, balance the saline levels, and process contaminantes such as plutonium to protect the biosphere; the true origins of humanity, the solar system, and the flaws of the human split consciousness—the roots of mind control (called “mind warp”) and control of the race. 

We move into black operations, MILABS, the phenomena of grey ETs and human abductions; biological experiements and the myth of the elite bloodlines. Racism, feminisn, and the politics of division to keep humans from uniting and also healing their consciousness…we cut a wide path in current events and history—this briefing is not for “entertainment”.

Here is an excerpt of James’ post to his Facebook page following this interviewin commenting on the YouTube video posted below 

 “Between the brittle of your reality and the harsh taste of consequence virtue comes to fall through the crack ambivalence has created. The cost is loss of focus. Even to the extent of knowing what is right and what is the superlative wrong thought expedience. That you have come to let the symbols fabricated by deception distract you from obtaining the clarity of focus, leaves you purposeless even in the twelfth hour of a staged Armageddon. 
Leading you to follow mankind’s lowest common denominator in seeking peace from the very ones deeding the earth to death. Were this not so, I would offer your mortal shells a new home I have made in the hope you could aspire higher. This is the seventh time I have spoken these words, given to me to say from One who has designed all to give you the hope for obtaining better. May you know your spirit will fare better. JCH”  

Closing music: “Realign” by Rover