Interview with Hugh Traulsen – 02-09-2013
Hugh Traulsen-Dr. Edward Moloney-Full interview (2hr.)
Although he is now older, disabled, and widowed, Hugh Traulsen is alert, aware, and enthusiatic about life…his life…one of strange intersecting mysteries, odd synchronicities, and encounters with wealth, fame, and the paranormal. Born into a wealthy family in the mid 1940s, as the son of  refrigeration industrialist, Harry Traulesen and his super-model wife, who not only was featured in national ad campaigns like Ipana Toothpaste, but was used as the model for images of the Virgin Mary inside the chapel at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY. Hugh was an admitted “silver spooner” who, after graduation in the 1960s, went west to “get his kicks on Route 66.”
 Hugh’s life: A synchro-mystic collage —>Click to enlargePart 1: In this interview, Hugh relates his strange encounter with a triangular UFO while working security at the Union Carbide Headquarters in Danbury, CT in the 1980s…the same period as the famous “Hudson Valley UFO Flap”; he also observed the very strange gargoyles inside the UC bulidngs, and an event where, he believes, a portal was opened and a live gargoyle mainfested, crashing through a glass ceiling; and the overall “creepy” aspects of the upper NY valley and Connecticut.
His part in a whistleblower operation by Wall Street Journal writer, Jonathan Kwitny, which exposed (WSJ, April 23, 1983) a massive loan underwriting scheme run by Paul Saenz, who operated the loan brokering network wth Virginia Brown, the daughter of Congressman, Jim Wright (D-TX)—who, in 1986, became Speaker of The House until he was deposed in 1988 after a series of corruption charges. Wright was also a pivotal figure in what became the S&L failures of the 1980…the first cycle of failures in the banking system.
He also discusses his own near-death experience, and the awakening to his own experiences as a pattern for his own path in later life…and the patterns, large and small, which continue to unfold.
Dr. Edward Moloney

Documents below authenticating the 1983 whistleblower activity:

PDF- Traulsen-WSJ04271983.pdf

PDF- Traulsen-Correspondence-1983.pdf

PDF- Traulsen-Union Carbide-PFD

PDF-  Hugh Traulsen – References and Correspondence – Added 04-21-2013

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Hugh Traulsen:
Part 2 with Dr. Edward Moloney on the “Law of Attraction”, life coaching, and business opportunities, Talkfusion.