OffPlanet Radio Live – March 13, 2013 – Randy Maugans with Chris Holly and Mack Maloney

Chris Holly: 
Mack Maloney:

Chris Holly and Mack Maloney are both investigators into UFO phenomena—from very different perspectives. Chris has long been documenting the paranormal from her own experiences, going back to childhood; as well her field investigations of real people who have had encounters with craft and the shadowy entities behind abductions, strange encounters, and terrifying effects. Her work is singular in its journalistic integrity and sensitivity to her sources’ personal disclosures.

Mack Maloney is an author of over 40 fictional books, mostly on military history. His 2010 book, “UFOs In War Time” marked his foray into non-fiction, and the world of UFO investigation. His forthcoming book, “Beyond Area 51”,  takes him further into the world of UFOs, with a deep excursion into places around the planet where high level UFO activity occurs, notably the bases and remote enclaves where strange phenomena intersect with military activity. In this interview, Mack shares some of the surprising new realities that he is still reckoning as he shifts his own perspectives.

Chris Holly and Mack Maloney: UFO Perspectives – Right click to download MP3 audio

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