OffPlanet Radio Live – 03-20-2012-Randy Maugans with Micah Hanks
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Micah Hanks is an author, researcher, Fortean, and skeptical inquirer into UFO and anomalous activity. He brings to the conversation a wide scope of ideas and factual data regarding what is called the Singularity. Also known as “transhumanism”, the singularity speculates a near-future transformation of the human into a super intelligent, highly evolved bio-machine via  artificial intelligence, biological enhancement,and/or brain-computer interfaces. Singularity was first termed by mathematician, John von Neumann in the 1950s, and popularized by computer scientist and sci-fi writer, Vernor Vinge and inventor/futurist, Ray Kurzweil in his 1999 book, “The Age of Spiritual Machines”. 
We discuss the origins,aspects, and far-reaching implications of the so-called trans-humanist movement; technology, consciousness, and spirituality, as well as how the singularity may relate to the UFO phenomena that still presents an enigma to present understanding.

 Micah Hanks-The UFO Singularity-Complete
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