OffPlanet Radio Live – 03-20-2013-Randy Maugans with Crystal Clark and James Horak, special guest, Everette Hallford

Crystal Clark:  |

James Horak:

Addresssing the core issues about the real threat to the Earth and mankind: collective cognitive dissonance, apathy, wishful thinking, and mystical concepts like “rapture” and “ascension”; right knowledge and the application; not just concepts but action; we need to stop the elites from their plans for annihilation; ancient knowledge that proves humanity’s threat is not from “out there”.

The Hostile Alien Thesis and why it does not hold up; a race not surviving their own technological advances; the six extinctions of civilizations; the fifth sun and a time when there was no moon; the origins of human life on earth, the purpose of the moon; 

Crystal Clark and James Horak: “Threat Assessment II”  – Complete 2 hour segment

Part 1 | Part 2 – 1 hour each segments – Right click to download MP3 audio

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