OffPlanet Radio Live – 04-17-2013-Randy Maugans with Scott Alan Roberts

Scott Alan Roberts‘ journey from schooled theologian to skilled researcher of ancient texts and mythologies is a quest for truth on the edges of faith and reason. His “The Rise and Fall of the Nephillim” chronicled the Biblical “fallen ones”, while his latest, “The Secret History of the Reptilians” traces the legends of the beings who sprung from the bifurcated seed of the first woman, Eve, in the Bible. Connecting the Bible to ancient Sumerian texts, he parallels the tale of the slaver gods, Enki and Elil as the progenitors of “Adam”, the first human. 

Scott Alan Roberts: The Secret History of the Reptilians

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Scott is the Founder and Executive Editorial Director of Intrepid Magazine, a journal dedicated to politics, science and unexplained phenomena; author and illustrator of, The Rollicking Adventures of Tam O’Hare, a historical novel set in Tudor England,Ireland and Scotland. He is a radio show host, popular public speaker and stand‐up philosopher. He has been interviewed on scores ofradio shows and was the Editor‐In‐Chief of SyFy’s Ghost Hunters official magazine, TAPS ParaMag.

In his early years he attended bible college and theological seminary working toward his Masters in Divinity, but gave that all up for a 33‐year careerin advertising and publishing as an art and creative director, designer, illustrator, photographer and wordsmith. He lives in rural western Wisconsin with his wife and children.