OffPlanet Radio Live – 04-17-2013-Randy Maugans with Tony Topping

Since the age of two Tony Topping has been subjected to extreme paranormal experiences: had his first real UFO encounter in 1992 , which escalated in 1996 upon returning from London to his town of Selby. In 1996 he began to have encounters with UFOs over his house, and from May 1999 until November 1999 he repeatedly filmed  a UFO coming in over his house and appearing on numerous occasions. These events brought him  to the attention of a covert group of people in the intelligence services, who engaged Tony over a number of years with  in a campaign of covert harassment designed to keep him quiet and to test mind invasive weaponry upon him. 

 Tony Topping: Paranormal Espionage 

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In 2001 the attack upon Tony with non lethal mind invasive technology was so brutal that he thought he would die from it. Being followed and filmed by unmarked helicopters was a common occurrence including the incident involving an unmarked AS555 helicopter, as well as being followed by covert agents and receiving anonymous text messages & emails from so called government people regarding disclosure of the UFO situation & the 7/7 London terrorist bombing.

Tony has filmed on numerous occasions UFOs and has also been mysteriously attacked by a foo fighter UFO on two occasions. This prompted Tony to look into areas of research like the UFO Air War and also Antarctica connections to UFOs.  He has a successful YouTube channel called TONYOPSUFO which has fascinating clips of UFOs he has filmed plus very interesting and unique interviews from people who have been involved with UFO encounters. Tony takes an armchair interest in intelligence matters, his knowledge of the UFO subject is vast, because of his extreme paranormal experiences, and he is a student and specialist in the area of Paranormal Espionage, a subject still considered top secret, to this day. It is with his understanding of espionage and psychic ability that he began to unlock the doors to understanding his experiences and the national security issues faced in the current climate regarding the UFO situation.

Tony has seen many changes in his life because of these experiences he is man who describes himself as being in a situation he did not understand, to which he sought answers for, he is wishing to write his book “The Specialist” and makes no apology for what he has witnessed behind the UFO objects, people not of this world, and not even of this dimension. For this he has paid a price.