OffPlanet Radio Live – 05-01-2013- Hour 1: Randy Maugans with James Swagger

James Swagger drops in to tell about his recent travels, notably to Peru, where he partook of the ayahuasca shamanic rites. We discuss the effects of the ayahuasca, serpents, earth spirits, the Earth Goddess, and insights into expanding consciousnes; as well as his ongoing research into psychoacoustics (also known as archeoacoustics) in the ancient sites. James’ research continues to cut deep into linking ancient mounds, burial sites, and megalithic structures to the rituals which enabled human consciousness to extend beyond its earthbound state.

OffPlanet Radio Live – 05-01-2013- Hour 1: E.A. James Swagger: Spirits, Serpents, and the Shaman – Right click to download MP3 audio