OffPlanet Radio Live – 05-15-2013- Randy Maugans and Chris Holly with Ken Pfeifer

Ken Pfeifer is Chief Investigator for New Jersey MUFON and the webmaster for two popular websites (over 90,00 hits per month) chronicling the photographic evidence of UFOs which routinely appear in the skies around the planet. Ken is a pilot and Desert Storm veteran who has actively worked to classify and expose the presence of the craft—and the beings who fly them.

Ken Pfeifer: What Goes On In The Skies

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We discuss the body of photogaphic UFO evidence, the workings of UFO investigations, and the need to better coordination and collation of data between UFO investigative group. The current state of UFOlogy, trends in sitings, and government/military non-disclosure, as well as some insigths from three people who are experiencers and keep asking questions about “what goes on in the skies”.