OffPlanet Radio Live – 06-05-2013- Randy Maugans and Chris Holly with Steve Genier

Steve Genier joins Chris Holly and Randy Maugans for a journey into the world of paranormal investigations. Steve, with his co-host,  Alex Rondini, host the log-running Nocturnal Frequency Radio show on BlogTalk Radio. We discuss Steve’s own experiences, current cases, and the pitfalls of the world of paranormal investigation. Much like the current state of UFOlogy, the various factions within the paranormal comunity:, paranormalists are divided, disparate, and plagued with charlatans, and gainseekers—along with the genuine, devoted students of all things strange and unexplained.

 Steve Genier of Nocturnal Frequency Radio

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Steve is also the founder of the Southern Ontario Paranormal Society (S.O.P.S.), which he formed in 2005 as a non-profit organization to research and investigate paranormal activity and it’s various aspects. SOPS have traveled throughout Ontario and US in their research and investigations.