OffPlanet Radio LIVE – November 1, 2013 – Randy Maugans and Chris Holly with Zen Benefiel

Zen Benefiel, a/k/a, Zendor The Contrarian (formerly Bruce) joins us for a two hour tour of his own paranormal landscapes: from childhood contact experiences, an wakening through Near-death experience, to the corporate world of the aerospace industry, to his work in human transformation…he is a distinctive force in breaking down the collective consensus of linear reality and bridging experiences that complete the present “shift” of human evolution.

Zen Benefiel: “Tangential Realities”

Hour 1   |  Hour 2 – Right click to download MP3 audio

Zen currently lives in Gilbert, Arizona.  His project, Be The Dream, LLC has evolved into a professional services company. Zen conducts self-awareness workshops, hosts various discussion groups (ET/UFO related) and shares his experience as a public speaker.

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