OffPlanet Radio LIVE – November 22, 2013 – Randy Maugans with Ev Haliford (Michael Hallford)

“Headshot: The Death of America—The JFK Assassination 50 Years On” Part 1

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Researcher, novelist/playwriter, Ev Haliford (pen name Michael Hallford) joins us for the first hour of the commemorative 3 hour special, “Headshot: The Death of America—The JFK Assassination 50 Years On” to share his observations, research and personal experiences…innerwoven synchronicities with the historical JFK saga.

 Ev Haliford: JFK and the White Russians

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As a 4-year old boy, Ev briefly met President Kennedy as his motorcade traveled through San Antonio, TX on November 21, 1963. Ev’s father also worked in highly classified operations at NASA in Houston, and knew much about the conspiratorial aspects of the military-industrial complex. Ev also relates his interactions with the “White Russians”, a group of imperialist, “right-wing” Russian sympathizers who played a key role in the story of OSwald; and insights into the roles of various figures, including George Mohrenschildt, David Ferry,  George H.W. Bush, and others…a side of the history seldom heard.