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Mike Wooley’s Terrifying Bigfoot Encounter
Mike Wooley’s Eye Witness Interview

Mike Wooley lives in the small town of Keatchie,  15 minutes south of Shreveport LA. He has been a hunting enthusiast since age 6, when he tagged along with dad while he squirrel hunted. At the age of 15 his interest turned to deer hunting, and he has been tracking in the Louisiana woods ever since. As he recounts:

“On one cold Saturday in Dec 1981 while hunting, a doe ran under my deer stand while she was being chased by a Bigfoot. Little did I know that it would be a life changing event for me. I kept this locked up inside of me for 20 yrs…” Now that story is being told in a new film, “Skookum: The Hunt For Bigfoot”, co-written and produced by Debi King McMartin. The story beg ins HERE:

Mike Wooley: Bigfoot Encounters in the  Louisiana Bayou (Complete 1hr 23m) –  Right click to download MP3 audio

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