OffPlanet Radio – 03-26-2014 – Randy Maugans with Kristen Ann

Previous appearance: OffPlanet Radio Live-11-14-2012-Kristen Ann: Exploring Sacred Space

Rudolph Steiner and Astrosophy 

Kristen Ann: The Grand Cardinal Cross (Complete 62m 10s) –  Right click to download MP3 audio

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Kristen Ann returns to talk about the ongoing transition on the planet and some fascinating near future events in the heavens that could foreshadow both intense changes and a coming age of human ascension.

Rudolf Steiner chose to speak of St Paul’s conversion because it is an example of how contemporary humanity will encounter the Christ from the etheric realm (see Acts of the Apostles ch 9). At Easter, April
20, 2014, we will have a similar ‘cardinal cross’, though there are two different planets involved. The 1910 cardinal cross included Saturn in Aries, square Neptune in Cancer, opposite Jupiter in Libra; square Uranus in Capricorn. The 2014 cardinal cross includes Uranus in Aries, square Jupiter in Cancer, opposite Mars retrograde in Libra, square Pluto in Capricorn.

Astronomy – the naming and describing of the bodies of the heavens, as well as explaining their origins and evolution, in other words, the phenomena.

Astrology – the study of interrelationships between stars, wandering stars (the meaning of the Greek word planets), sun, moon, earth, and human beings. People often seek astrologers concerning specific questions about one’s life – what we speak about in the introductory video as “burning questions” – about relationship, place to live, etc. Astrology has to do with the meaning of one’s life within the context of this life.

Astrosophy – taking the discipline of astrology deeper into the life of the soul of the human being, relating the body of Sophia -living divine wisdom – to the largest questions about an individual
life, in a series of many lives and many opportunities to grow and prosper. Astrosophy has to do with meaning within the context of the soul’s journey through much larger spans of time and space, thus
relation to destiny.

 Music: “Aurora” by Adam Fielding

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