OffPlanet Radio Report – 03-30-2014 with Randy Maugans with Agent D and Agent K of The Object Report
The Object Report | The Special Report Blog | The Hybrids Project

Men in the shadows of disclosure: Agent D and Agent KWe engage a mind meld interview with Agent D and Agent K of the Object Report blogs, who have been working non-stop behind the UFO scene since 1996 when the duo first made contact. Their collective knowledge of the subject through book reading, networking, publishing and investigative reporting has grown over the years accordingly. The Object Report is an uncompromising source of raw news as the contact phenomenon unfolds. Notable, as well are the rich graphic elements which serve to accurately present UFO and ET data in a forensic manner (both men are graphic professionals).

The Object Report and Hybrids Project (Complete 2h 03m 39s)

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The interview flows around themes of personal UFO sitings and interactions, the impact of widening awareness of the phenomena in the mainstream culture; the mission of reporting and documenting UFO information in an “open source”/non-profit manner and maintaining integrity. We dive into the aspects of consciousness and sprituality, and glean fascinating/disturbing insights into the ET/human hybridization projects and what they may mean for future humankind.

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