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Writer/researcher, Doc Vega, re-joins us for a very wide and deep probe into the world of UFOlogy, psychic mind-bending, and personal experience; and the real PRICE of what we know.

Doc Vega: The Price of Knowing…-Complete Show  1h:30m:37s 
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Charles Hoy FortI think we’re property”, wrote Charles Hoy Fort (the namesake of modern schools of Fortean anomalist researchers/skeptics) in his 1919 classic, “The Book of the Damned”. More correctly, it appears that humanity continues to BE property by dint of their failure to observe their condition. “My people perish for lack of knowledge” (Book of the Prophet Hosea)—or, more correctly, for lack of OBTAINING knowledge?

As we progress through this 90 minute conversation, it is painfully obvious that the bulk of humans still maintain a state of cognitive dissonance through social engineering of “reality”, while those who awaken experience isolation, social censure, and loss,  How painful is knowing? Pretty friggin’ painful.


Charles Fort  – “The Book of the Damned”

Anthony Sanchez-UFO Highway
Branton: “The Dulce Book” –
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