OffPlanet Radio – 09-22-2014 – Randy Maugans with Jef Harvey

We Are All In This Together

Jef Harvey CNC
Managing Director
JefTech Research
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The assault on the human biology deepens: chemtrails, water fluoridation, GMO foods, rampant epidemic threats like Ebola, and a weakening of the Earth’s energetic grids all conspire to make us sick and shorten our lives. We need solutions:

Jef Harvey returns to discuss the healing properties of what is called “EZ (exclusion zone) Water” or fourth phase  An energetically re-structured water made under a proprietary special process, which when consumed or applied topically, has a tremendous cure rate for cancers, Morgellans, diabetes, and numerous ailments; it also opens the cells to properly hydrate and purge toxins at the cellular level. The concepts of fourth phase water are explained in this YouTube video with Dr. Gerald Pollack at TEDEX:

Notes on EZ Water:
Victor Shauberger – structured H20- movement in a cone-shaped vortex
Dr. Gerald Pollock – The Fourth Phase of Water
Body is 2/3 H20, but that translates into 99% of the molecules….

The_Fourth_Phase_of_Water__Dr__Gerald_Pollack_at_TEDxGuelphU_-_YouTubeExclusion Zone:
1. Solid
———— 4th Phase falls between the 1st and 2nd (known 100 years ago) – gel-like consistency
2. Liquid
3. Vapor

Exclusion zone: Honeycomb water matrix – water separates – and + molecules; the – molecules hydrophilic stay close to the water field, while the + charged molecules mvd away.
||Missing link—distance of 10 microns
E=H20 – infrared light acting on water molecules. FREE ENERGY!
Also: De-salination. as salt is excluded from the EZ water zone.

TOPICS – Jef’s armamentarium includes: 

H302 EZ Water Oral Hydration Catalyst 1X 384 oz. – The H302 advanced hydration line adheres to the highest purity standards of this grade of water formulated by bombarding the water in a very special resonant chamber with low energy photons at the resonant frequency of the hydrogen and oxygen bond, creating an entirely different energy of water from any other water.
The H302 advanced hydration line has been successfully tested by Penn State Laboratories, Arizona State Laboratories, and the University of Washington.

  • SE-5 1000 Scalar amplifier driven: DNA linked, Photo linked
  • Balancing Only Instrument (BOI) hologram card driven (for workstation)
  • Remote Balancer (Chi-O) (planet wide delivery)
  • Room Balancer (Chi-O) (home or business local field)
  • Chi-O small personal scalar amplifier and sweep gen with firmware
  • Hologram delivery (constant) Xmas gift
  • Aetheric Balancing Guild – subscription delivery service: Utilizes a hard copy first full frontal photo (PALMS OUT) 17,000 codes available – Semi-custom field code sets delivered – Vitality + DNA – Neurological – Dental – Mood Response – Vision – Endocrine/Thyroid etc., Water and toxic waste cleanup.