Randy Maugans-OffPlanet Radio with Joseph Lumpkin, Ph.D, author and founder of Fifth Estate Publishing

To understand who we are we need to understand our spiritual roots. Gnosticism pre-dates Christianity, and fills the void between orthodox dogma and the spiritual traditions of mystic Chrisitanity .

Joseph Lumpkin obtained a doctorate in the field of ministry from Battlefield Baptist Institute in Mississippi in 2002. Soon after began translating and publishing ancient non-canonical texts with the intend of bringing obscure religious knowledge to the general public in a clear and understandable form. In 2004 he founded Fifth Estate Publishing. Today, Fifth Estate has published over 100 titles. Lumpkin is considered to be one of the leading scholars in the field of ancient religious texts. He has produced books on subjects such as Gnosticism, Midrash writings, and the translation of non-canon texts. According to Lumpkin, many non-biblical works influenced modern theology.

According to Joseph Lumpkin, many non-biblical works influenced modern theology. He has been referenced in such articles as Thomas the Apostle, which cites Lumpkin’s The Tao of Thomas. His book entitled The Lost Book of Enoch: A Comprehensive Transliteration is the top selling book on the subject.