OffPlanet Radio – 01-03-2015 – Randy Maugans with Duncan O’finioan and Miranda Kelly, Recorded 12-06-2014


Part 2 of the exclusive interview concludes the narrative of the Darkside Wars, the Gray Walkers, and connections between MKUltra, the Nazi quest for the “Aryan” race lines and the bloodlines of the Nephillim—with surprising twists:

NOTES: Part 2





D: Continue the Nephillim topics – explains Nephillim are not all evil; some are fighting for humanity

00:02:00 – Miranda describes some phenomena related to Duncan’s “strange” nocturnal activities.

00:05:52 – D: explains “The Tron”—a mental display screen that streams data to Duncan

00:10:00 – R: ? The connections between MKUltra and the biological profiling of Nephillim DNA for military purposes; Nazi connection during WWII to locate Nephillic bloodlines, i.e.-“Aryans”;

00:12:00:00 – MKUltra actually embedded/triggered Nephillim personalities;

00:15:00 – Why D&M have abandoned talking about MKUltra and moving on the deal with the battles and help people be prepared for what is coming;

00:18:00 – M: New template for dealing with the advancing paranormal situation;

00:20:00 – The organized “alt-media” campaign to discredit genuine disclosure of Ultra; the “Rinky dink” super soldier ruse to make genuine disclosure impossible via a carnival atmosphere;

00:26:00 – Real world (field experience) in the paranormal vs. the TV show internet paranormalists.

00:30:00 – Street level spiritual warfare

00:35:00 – D&M’s “commission” to operate as exorcists.

00:40:00 – The parallels of this time period with the Biblical period of Jesus the Christ; demonic invasion on steroids.

00:45:00 – Humor as a means to offset the toxicity of demonic entities; shields (auras) built up by humor and; ghosts and demons; DIFFERENTIATING BETWEEN GHOSTS AND FALSE ENTITIES, WHO LURE IN UNSUSPECTING DUPES TO ENGAGE INTO DARK ARTS.

00:49:00 R: People who are getting pulled into demonology via “ghost hunting”, i.e- Anthony Sanchez and his apps used to detect spectral entities. “Electronic Ouija Borads”…smartphones and software transforming people into biological parabolic antennas which attract entities.

01:02:00 D; The coming darkness, Azazael,  unleashed. Azazael is the power behind CERN

01:07:00 We discuss Malachi Martin, the best exorcist of the 20th century and his exposure of the roots of evil; “control of the most souls” and a millennial reign; either darkiside or lightside. John Paul II and Vatican II was the great apostasy.

00:1:13:00 CERN vortexes and opening rifts for demonics;  the dynamics of the CERN portal and its parallel on the “other side”; Crowley, The Philadelphia Experiment,  and Stonehenge connected to CERN…Hitler, WWII and geomancy; “Soul energy to power portals and merge dimensions’…”hell on Earth; Earth as Midgaard…a planetary jump room.

01:23:00 D: The source of the information in this interview comes from “much higher up…”

01:29:00 D: The human race has been screwed with by inter-dimensionals outside this world…humanity never had a fair chance.

01:35:00 D: More Gray Walkers than just D&M…many are hidden; beware claims of those who CLAIM to be GWs…GWs maintain the balance of dark and light to prevent sheer chaos. The Grau Walkers borderline on the angelic.

01:44:00 D: Miranda is the voice of power; Duncan is the staff.