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OffPlanet Radio LIVE – 01-30-2013 – Randy Maugans with R. Scott Lemriel


From contacts during his life, starting in childhood and continuing to today, R. Scott Lemriel has experienced first hand the workings of beings who exist at the highest levels of extraterrestrial intelligence. He has learned of the ancient origins of the race called “hu-man”, and the interventions and disruptions in the evolution of this race and its planetary home. An experiement called evil infected countless races creating a war-like predatory environment that has reached its zenith on this world, with this race of beings.

To quote from the book:
“Before they suddenly vanished long ago from galactic history, the mysterious eighteen to twenty five feet tall human extraterrestrial Seres race seeded humankind throughout the many galaxies. Then, they sponsored the creation of the entire Galactic Inter-dimensional Alliance of Free Worlds. Now, they have finally decided to return and they will make their presence known by bringing about a permanently benevolent end to the experiment of evil on Earth.”

Scott tells us that the Seres’ council is now, benevolently overseeing the transformation…the “shift”…by preventing nuclear annihilation; operating to restrain the reptilian  and gray races from their abductions, experimentations, and terrorizing of selected human targets. He also reveals:

  • The Treaties made with world leaders by negative ETs for  exchanges of old and lethal technology such as nuclear power
  • Efforts underway to mitigate Fukishima radiation
  • Gradual disclosure of ET presence and knowledge of the “grand deception” foisted upon humanity
  • The fostering of spiritual awakening outside the religious structures, opening of the third eye/pineal gland and activation of dormant (“junk”) DNA
  • The awakening of values that discard competition and economic oppression
  • The gradual breakdown of the “split mind” and merging of the subconscious into a holistic mind based on non-locality and quantum dynamics…and more…
  • A LIVE experiential activation near the end of this show, which if practiced, can open up your own latent intelligence, genetics, and provide contacts to the highest realms of Creation.



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