OffPlanet Radio LIVE – 02-13-2015 – Randy Maugans with Rebekah Roth recorded 02-13-2014

We are joined by Rebekah Roth, a former flight attendant and airline industry insider. Using her intimate knowledge of the airline industry’s protocols, procedures, and technology, has uncovered amazing details of what happened on September 11, 2001.

Beginning with uncovering the fact that 7 of the alleged hijackers aboard United flight 11 are still alive! That  alleged hijackers had sued to have their names restored; that one hijacker was already dead…that the original narrative of “terrorists with box cutters” withered under scrutiny of the details surrounding a mysterious passenger who turns out to be a Mossad assasin.

She discloses her research on:

  • What actually hit the World Trade buildings 1 and 2
  • The strange details of the missile that hit the Pentagon
  • What actually occurred over Shanksville, PA
  • The inconsistencies of phone calls allegedly made by flight attendants from flight 11; where the calls were actually were made from, and why stories did not match.
  • Why Todd Beamer and his group onboard  flight 93 could NOT have been initiating their plans to take back the alleged plane over Shanksville, the famous “Let’s roll” drama…
  • Where the planes and passengers were taken, and their actual fates.
  • The connections between Israeli contractors, the Pentagon, and highly placed officials in the airlines and FAA.
  • The technology that allowed the planes to appear and disappear off FAA radar, and the technology that likely guided projectiles into the WTC buildings…and much more.

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Methodical-IllusionRebekah shares an immense amount of data and experiential/anecdotal facts in her interviews, but the data can also found in detail in here book—a work of “fiction” that contains more truth than the so-called media have ever reported.

“Methodical Illusion” is available here.