OffPlanet Radio LIVE – 02-20-2015 – Randy Maugans with L. B. Bork

Jurist/Legal researcher, L. B. Bork sits in to discuss the details of the infamous 14th Amendment. L.B. exited the system over 20 years ago, after his own research revealed the key was correcting one’s status under law. He organized PAC (Peoples Alliance Coalition) in 1998 to provide Constitutional education and political insights that may enable one to live under our original Constitutional system.

The Red AmendmentThe Red Amendment: The 14th amendment was part of the Reconstruction acts that completely transformed  the United States after the war between the states (a/k/a the “Civil War”). This convoluted, distorted (and un-ratified) legislation literally opened the doors for the introduction of Socialism/Communism into the world’s political structures through the United States. By the 14th Amendment:  America was transformed into a “nation” (which was not organically constituted); came under the rule of statutory laws enacted by Congress; began the move towards the Federal Reserve, Income Taxes/IRS, and the sweep of socialism that came to fruition under FDR in the 1930s.

The Book: The Red Amendment, An In Law Exposé On The 14th Amendment To The Constitution, originally published in 1999, currently available as 2012 Edition Deluxe, 188 ppg. with supplemental material, copiously footnoted and annotated. Available from:

L.B. explains:

A simple summary of matters that surround the 14th…

The system of the world is comprised of the Roman system of law. It is hard to escape it in totality. Even the United States and its original systems under the Articles of Confederation had private law sprinkled in it. The term “citizen” is evidence that a municipal corporation is present (thus you are going to be dealing with “persons”). Private property is held under the “Law of Persons”. The bottom line is, If you are not a “person” you are deemed “stateless” and have no rights to life, liberty, and property…. Which means you have no heritage. You are an island of nothing.

The trick is, there are many layers of law. The 14th Amendment pretty much killed all elements of the common law and made people in the states “legal entities” full time. They are subject to all “private law” under the 14th Amendment, both de facto state and federal. Like aforesaid, All matters of property deal in “private law”. You have to be a “person” to hold/own property/land. The political ties (citizen status) under the 14th Amendment is what creates the problem that makes people in the states subject to all ‘modern day’ legislation by both state and federal governments.

The purpose of correction of nationality (expatriation) is to negate the legal entity status (the “person” status) noted in the legislation under the 14th Amendment. A man’s personal matters then become a matter of strict common law and matters of private law held under the original or de jure principles of “The Republic”. In other words, Which person are you?

The question is: Can we be taxed/legislated on without representation?