Film maker, Michael J. Murphy joins us second hour to discuss the agendas behind the aerosoling programs associated with chemtrails and weather modification programs. The background on the films, “What In The World Are They Spraying?” and “Why In The World Are They Spraying”, as well as the forthcoming third film.

We also discuss the “red herring” arguments about “climate change” and certain big name chemtrail talkers who have diluted the fundamental premise that there can be NO measure of any “climate change” until the spraying STOPS!

Michael is currently raising funding for the third film, “An Unconventional Shade of Gray”, through a GoFundMe campaign:

UPDATE: 08-30-2015: to
AS OF THIS DATE THE COMMENTS FOR THIS VIDEO ARE CLOSED. Through a mutual acquaintance I offered Dane Wigington the opportunity to FACTUALLY rebut Michael Murphy’s comments in this program, including air time on my show to present same. I also asked for the proof of Mr. Murphy’s alleged drug addiction, and to date have never seen such proof, although I was told that such proof existed. After exhaustively researching the matter of Mr. Murphy’s alleged “drug addiction”, and the material publicly available, as well as corroborative testimony from three persons who would know: I have concluded there is NO PROOF for Mr. Wiginton’s accusations. Furthermore, “proof” would be the testimony of two or more witnesses ascribed in affidavit form and presented with reasonable evidence of such accusation. To date, I can find no such testimony. In being a responsible media presenter, I do aspire to present correct information, and to not inflame internecine turf wars in the alternative communities. Therefore, at the behest of a friend, I reexamined this show and statements made, and went back to sources to fact check. Mr. Wiginton in the comments above issued a veiled threat of legal action. I will now state that, based upon his actions and words, he lacks any meaningful proof for this ongoing public vendetta. You, the listeners and readers should apply the same economy in examining statements and accusations made by ANY party in such a personal and damaging manner.