OffPlanet TV – Randy Maugans interviews visionary artist and writer, Timothy Wyllie

Timothy Wyllie has spent over fifty years traversing the crossroads of advanced human consciousness. Born in Great Britain at the height of the bombing during World War II, he experienced trauma as a small child that led him to esoteric routes for his own spiritual healing. Graduated from college as an architect, he pursued a spiritual quest which led his into the early Process Church, his move to America, and founding and running a spiritual community.

His experiences include very early (1950s) use of LSD, peyote, and numerous other entheogens; a profound near-death experenice; telepathic communications with dolphins extraterrestrials,and nonphysical intelligences such as angels.

Drawing from “The Urantia Book” and “A Course In Miracles”. Timothy developed an unique communication with a being identified as “Georgia”: who is no less that a rebel angel (those followed Lucifer in the great insurrection detailed in “The Urantia Book”). Over the course of, to date, three books (eight books are scheduled), Georgia and Wyllie have unfolded details of both the past and future of humanity as we move into a new spiritual level of development.

The series includes: “Revolt Of The Rebel Angels: The Future Of The Multiverse”, “Confessions Of A Rebel Angel: The Wisdom Of The Watchers”, “Rebel Angels in Exile” and the new installment, “Wisdom Of The Watchers: Teachings Of The Rebel Angels” from Inner Traditons/Bear & Co.

In the latest release, “The Helianx Proposition or: The Return of the Plumed Serpent”, Wyllie realizes a 30 year vision: a hand illustrated and calligraphed volume, a sweeping cosmology that spans the multiverses and focuses on…humanity, and its nascent realization of who they are, and from where they came. This series of special editions are being published by The Daynal Institute Press.

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