Chris Holly returns to the OffPlanet airwaves from a long absence to deliver more of her unique views and insights into the world of paranormal…and now everything is paranormal.

  • Technology, loss of perception of our environment and the thinning of the veil, the digital de-humanization agenda. Transhumanism via devices.
  • Atmospheric conditions and environmental oddities. Dead fish and sea life on the east coast; floods in Texas, strange tornadoes; a pole shift?
  • Biological machines, CGI, and simulated reality.
  • Separation from our survival mechanisms: natural rhythms, psychic abilities, and connection to the Earth.
  • UFOs and the TV “reality” shows. Reality vs. created fictions. The “stew” of created realities.
  • They are NOT Humans Stop Thinking of Them That Way – CHRIS HOLLY TALKS ALL ABOUT ALIENS

  • “Jupiter Ascending” film accurately depicts the alien abduction scenario, mass illusion, memory loss (wipe outs), and how aliens control perceptual reality; Chris’ “REAL TIME ABDUCTEES”, memory regressions and the distortions of the abduction experience.
  • Hunters and Collectors: UFO groups on the internet used to exploit abductees, contactees, and experiencers. Protect yourself, be cautious, and seek out credible people with which to interact.
  • Alien trans-humanism and the agenda of biological harvesting; aliens that lost their original nature
  • DISCLOSURE WILL NOT COME FROM THE GOVT. The military cannot protect us, and they made deals with the ETs to use us.

roswell-alien-slide-warren-edit-300x297The Roswell Slide: How money and pursuit of fame by a group of “UFO Researchers” discredited the UFO movement. Jaime Maussan, Richard Dolan, Don Scmitt and Tom Carey and their Cinqo de Mayo drinking junket to Mexico—we expose the motivations behind this FRAUD. The narrative here:



Devyn Rose: “Dream” (excerpt) from  D.E.V.Y.N EP