OffPlanet Podcast for 06-14-2015 with Chris Holly and Randy Maugans
Brief Encounters…Bizarre Events…Extreme Changes

We examine the outer signs and inner boundaries of the paranormal. The times we live in now are treacherous. An open conversation—we don’t ask to be believed; we suggest listeners use their discernment and attempt to overcome the conditioned responses of socially engineered mindsets. Most people have had paranormal experiences, but dismiss, ignore, or subconsciously screen them from their experiential cognition.

  • Chris:  Recent nocturnal visitations
  • Randy recounts some of his paranormal experiences: the ‘brief encounter’ with two beings who interacted in a public space; early age experiences from age 3 and visitations.
  • Witnesses to paranormal events; how the ETs control events, orchestrate certain relationships, destroy relationships, and create “screens” and cognitive dissonance to hide their activities.
  • Dealing with paranormal as “a way of life”; how paranormal events interfere with “normal life”.
  • Experiencers cope with tragedies, extreme events, and the uncertainty with better ease because they are accustomed to uncertainty.
  • Strange objects that appear, disappear, re-appear. We reference Charles Hoyt Fort and Colin Wilson as documenters of these strange events.
  • The phenomena is difficult to verbalize or explain: the concepts are “non-normal”, non-local, and non-“rational”—people who require proof will never get enough proof; those who know, just KNOW.
  • The concept of experiencers as forerunners. The shift is about interrupting the “normal” of life.
  • The Shift is in process—the change occurs in stages. The “end of the days of your fathers” as the mark for major changes. In other words, a generation will pass: the WWII generation.
  • We ARE the change, physically and literally. All the events of the shift stepped up in 1947; the re-mapping of human consciousness and the events of the late 20th century to the early 21st.
  • The cultural clashes and disparities between the “have and have nots”; the weather/climate changes; the end of predictable weather, the end of families, and the take over of technology (trans-humanism); the days of “falling skies”.
  • An impending “mass death” scenario: mass extinction/coastal events. None of these scenarios are a “done deal”—human consciousness, both individual and collective will determine the outcomes: a probabilistic projection of future events.
  • Seeing between the cracks of reality; entrainment and removal from the natural world;
  • Consciousness is difficult to define; the collective consensus serves the system; the shallowness of materialism and staying out of debt.
  • The Dead Cold Face of the Unknown…Be careful and always walk with a stick. The Stick of Wisdom.


“Shadowland” by Allister Thompson from the album, Shadowlands


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