This message is not just “my word”. I work within a group that was doing deep meditation/remote viewing on this particular juncture. By degrees we all had the same observations. There is additional data¬†that I cannot release right now, but I will say that the storms over the east coast were not man-made, and were part of an energetic “clearing” that took place. Those who use their empathic sense will “get” this.

The Summer Solstice/Father’s Day (US) Cycle was another round in the ongoing Apocalypse begun ca. 12-21-2015. Undoubtedly, more violence, more corruption, more turmoil are uncovered as The Darkness is exposed. Time lines have shifted. We will now operate in very tight 6-month cycles that will each successively unfold the implosion of this current world system. The Earth operates under the Universal Laws ordained by ONE, and assists the Creature in its ascension. Our collective and individual consciousness will determine the course of Souls on this world and each is held to a higher standard. Be conscious; be vigilant; operate in Divine Love, and seek Truth while it may yet be found. ~Message, 06-21-2015.