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OffPlanet TV-Episode 12- 07-15-15 – Hour 2-Gloria Amendola: Mary Magdalene: First Century Avatar | OffPlanet Radio


Website: http://www.gloria-amendola.com

Gloria Amendola is an author and intuitive with a passion for esoteric knowledge and dream language. Gloria likes to find the truth of things hidden beneath the surface. In her three part series, “MARY MAGDALENE: Revelations From A First Century Avatar “, Gloria channels the voice of The Magdelene as she present views on history, ancient and modern; as well as details of hidden secrets, agendas, and deceptions.

Gloria is fascinated by the revelations the Ancient Ones have seeded into dreams and imprinted in cellular memory, all the while waiting for us to awaken to this vast repository of knowledge and healing energy within.

She lhas istened to the whispers of the Ancient Ones along the way.—-a struggle to accept their arcane teachings because these teachings were so different than anything known before. Her work is a reflection of those possibilities, and of the complexity of the grail quest into that extraordinary repository of knowledge she calls the Well of Memories…

She travels internationally and speaks to audiences about the Holy Grail Mysteries and their connection to the secret destiny of America.
Amendola is a trained group facilitator. In her teaching circles, she blends the western tradition of research and evidence with the eastern path of meditation and going within for answers. She was trained in many modalities and works with a variety of cutting-edge disciplines in her practice.