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Cara St. Louis joins us to pull together the pieces of her discoveries into what we will just call The Predator. We venture off on some “side trips” with Cara’s personal “ET” encounters, David Icke, bretharianism, and Cara’ insights in the heart chakra and morphogenic fields. We discuss the questions about the ubiquitous substance, aluminum and the menace of The Apex Predator that would take over the consciousness of the planet and humanity.

Starting with the narrative of her book, “The Sun Thief” and the events surrounding the death of her own mother, under mysterious circumstances. Cara dovetails into her mother’s work as science transcriptionist/writer for Naval Research and the deep politics of bio-engineering, weather manipulation, atmospheric research, DARPA, and the creepy military experiments that she, herself, was a part of.

Her latest work with German scientist and journalist, Harald Kautz-Vella, “Dangerous Imagination, Silent Assimilation” covers the history of the 20th century and the massive international programs of social engineering, mind control, and technocracy. Kaut-Vella unravels the juggernaut of aerosoling (chentrails), mad cow disease, Morgellons, genetic manipulation, use of high frequency energy weapons, the increases in “old age diseases”, militarized computer tech, “black goo”—an alien, archontic malevolent infectio, and the emergent threats of A.I. and quantum computers.