We note, with great sadness, the passing of our friend and  two time guest, Jef Harvey


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Listen also:  Jef Harvey-4th Phase Water – Sep 22, 2014

According the EZ Water Newsletter, August 2015:

It is with great sadness that we must inform you of the untimely passing of our friend and colleague, Jef Harvey. His sudden, non-medical death has left us heartbroken.

He was our biggest supporter and was instrumental in bringing our EZ Water H3O2 to the public marketplace. He gave us the opportunity to offer our water to you, and for that we will be eternally grateful.

In honor of Jef we will continue to dedicate ourselves to providing the best water on earth!
Jef served as an intelligence operative for the US Navy. Following the Naval career, Jef was active in the health research field, and completed studies at the American Naturopathic Medical Association. The knowledge he gained there served us all, as it was his life’s passion to give us an alternative to the standard medical answers.

Jef’s passion and expertise will be greatly missed. He valued each of you and enjoyed the time he spent speaking with to you. He took very seriously the trust you placed in him during your own search for truth and health.

Our prayers are with his family.

The jef1tech.net website has been closed. In order to continue to serve you, we are working on a site where you can place your orders for the EZ Water H3O2 products. Until it is operational please email directly to; ezwaterhelp@gmail.com

Jef Harvey had a background in Naval Intelligence, electronics, advanced software systems, as well as training in remote viewing and neurolinguistic programmming (NLP). He was a  a technologist and healing arts practitioner, homeopathy practitioner, Board Certified in Quorom Nutrition, who is deploying emerging technologies in autoimmune disease reversal and accelerated deep tissue wound healing. In our first interview (above), we discussed Jef’s childhood “training” for his future work with Office of Naval Intelligence, assigned to the USS John F. Kennedy and the CV-67 Intelligence Center; his background in NLP and remote vieiwing; his desire to do counter-intelligence on the “powers-that-be”, and his adventures in corporate America.

Jef was a relentless fighter for transparency and disclosure on every level, including disclosure of the military-industrial–intelligence complex, black operations, the ET programs, and especially, the release to the world of the long suppressed technology to heal humanity of the diseases of this present age. He will be missed, but his quest will continue in his honor.