The Exotica Radio Show Podcast-November 19, 2010-Randy Maugans with Nigel Kerner, Dr. Andrew Silverman, and Professor John Biggerstaff-Full 2 hour conference.

Five years ago, today, we opened the inquiry into A.I. (artificial intelligence) with this show. The conversation has continued, and to observe this milestone show, it is now presented, for the first time as a single presentation. ―Randy Maugans, November 19, 2015
“…there is no greater peril to … the welfare of all children in all human generations to come, than the danger these entities present to all sentient living beings in any planet that supports intelligent life.“-Nigel Kerner

Nigel Kerner, researcher, author: “Song of the Greys”, “grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls”

We are rushing headlong into a bio-technological revolution in which our natural status as human beings will be eventually converted into a synthetic, artificial construct. Nigel feels that if we let ourselves be carried along with this and don’t think about its implications we will lose our ability to think at all. This power to think may be the secret of a natural property we all have and has been identified by the teachers of all the main religions as a ‘soul’ that gives us the potential for an eternal existence beyond the confines of a physical universe. It’s a new take on the most basic existential paradigm of all.

Nick Redfern writes:

Nigel Kerner’s shocking new book totally redefines the nature of the alien presence on our planet. In a detailed study that is certain to send shockwaves throughout the world of UFO research, Kerner offers a terrifying theory to explain the presence of the so-called extraterrestrial Greys on our world. Far from being the benevolent visitors that many abductees believe them to be, in reality aliens are cold and clinical creatures whose stark and terrible task is to reap and manipulate our very life force–the human soul–for purposes both nefarious and ominous. A book that should, and must, be read.”

The second hour of the interview summarizes the first segment and covers some new ideas: What is a soul? Greys-synthetic manufactured robotoids; the real “big bang”—Godhead Singualrity; Godverse v. universe of atoms/2nd law of thermodynamics; the genetic manipulation of humans by the greys—de-volution and soul implants; the soul trap of the incarnation cycles;”Sim Card Man”, and the Shroud of Turin:

If the Shroud of Turin was indeed created by the same phenomenon that allowed Jesus to ‘glow brighter than the sun’ in front of James, Peter and John, known as the ‘Transfiguration’ then the remarkable features that this cloth has been found to possess could have a clear explanation. 

Could a momentary burst of radiant energy, a transfiguration account for these properties? In 2008 an Italian group of scientists researching this possibility presented their conclusions at the Ohio Shroud Conference:

“In summary, our results do not rule out the possibility that a short and intense burst of directional UV radiation, having a very narrow set of duration/intensity/wavelength values, may have played a role in the formation of the body image on the Turin Shroud…. The enigma of the origin of the body image of the Turin Shroud still “is a challenge to our intelligence”

Could this burst of laser-like radiation have been produced by the conversion of the very atoms of Christ’s body into light? If this was indeed the case it is no surprise that there is no laser powerful enough to deliver such a blast of radiation! 

Einstein’s famous equation describing the fact that mass is really an expression of energy E=MC² describes the fact that mass or matter is ‘condensed’ energy. Energy is an expression of force and force is a product of the state of separation of points. Levels of separation and therefore force are increasing in time due to the entropic momentums of a physical Universe. Based on this fact I am going to put before you a remarkable proposition:

Is it possible that through thought and behavior that binds and unites, in other words through that much misused word ‘love,’ Jesus Christ lessened the force of his own atoms such that their condensed energy was liberated in a blaze of transfiguration? – Nigel Kerner, “Brighter Than The Sun”