Ariyana Love is the senior editor and writer at the website:, and an activist/advocate for the people of Paletsine.

American born, she resides in Finland, and has traveled into Palestine and Gaza to witness, firsthand, the devastation of the land and people. She speaks to the explosive atmosphere of the region with a passion that drives her to research and write about the politics and cultures of the middle east.

We discuss (among many topics):
Turkey: Journalists “disappeared’ or murdered,
Syria: analysis of the refugees escaping from a legitimate genocide.
US govt. bringing in terrorists.
Distinction between the Syrian people and radical Islamic groups,
ICC charges against Bashar.
Palestine-extra-judicai executions.
Israel sold right to Syria’s oil to Cheney
Syria controlled by Iran; the Syrian ethnic cleansing.
Israel narrative silenced and the campaign for “Greater Israel”; the history of Zionism and the dark agenda of the NWO State that exists illegally.