Special Guest, Emily Moyer, from L.A.

Emily joins us to tell about her insights from a number of cultural exposures: as a child actress she played a very young Judy Garland; she also trained and competed gymnastics through her college years. Noting that both of these “industries” are often vehicles for black agency recruiting into “Project Monarch” type projects, we move into Em’s disturbing memories and the sense she was “being used”.

After a difficult early adulthood, Em began a process of dealing with her trauma using diet, exercise, and inner work to get back on track. She also found the music of the dance culture, electronic dance music, in the underground clubs, along with entheogens, as a means to tap into her “inner-verse”.

We also go into synchronicity, electronic stalking, “doppelgangers”, paranormal events, UFOs, and, awakening to ourselves; the science of mind control; how entertainment/entrainment is used to harvest energy and program subliminals; and how we redeem the seemingly controlled culture of the arts, film, and music—and some on-air DJing…free-style—WE are the anti-media.

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