Guest: Shane Bales (Shaynard)

Shane’s Podcast site: http://thewholeworldlaughing.blogspot…
The Ruiner:

Musician, blogger, and true-heart empath, Shane Bales, joins us to “unravel” the deceits of alt-media: David Wilcock/Corey Goode (Secret Space Program),/GAIAM TV…and the “Blue Avians” as a psy-op; various “Savior Programs such as NESARA, The Iraqi Dinar, “economic reset”; The Neil Keenan treasure hunt, Dr. Steven Greer and the Disclosure agenda; why we need to begin realizing our own destinies: “comparative realities”, the real art of manifestation…and much about music and art and their magikal powers to heal, inspire, and expand our consciousness.

We feature the video, “Tangled Hope” by Unraveling (courtesy of the artists).The band: UnRaveling is an Electronic Hard Rock band based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Their debut album, Softly, was released in July of 2011. The new EP, “Fading Like Everyone”,is now available: