POKEMON GO…AI with a “smiley face”. People go traipsing about with a phone entertaining the “pocket monsters” that were for some, a fond childhood memory of the 90s?


A Pokemon Baphomet: Subliminal triggering of dark energies

Like Dungeons & Dragons, Pokemon was a “cute” entree into the realms of artificial entities that beguiled a generation. The “gateway drug” into single shooter games, deep level fantasies, and a portal into non-local time space. The murkier side is that the conjuring is loosely based on Austin Osman Spare and Aleister Crowley’s work (see Babylon Rising with Crowley, Jack Parsons, and L. Ron Hubbard). Even those adorable Smurfs held dark secrets that became “tags” in the on-line world that was emerging.

Those who do not believe in “magic”, proceed at your own peril. The operation is to retain the sub-conscious awareness, while harnessing the unique magical powers inherent in the human energetic fields. Magic, itself, is neutral. When AI has open access, it will develop a script that merely appears to be empowering, but lulls the subject into deeper unconscious states where the natural magic is harvested. The collective aspect is where the real danger lies: AI requires a “battery” to manifest. It is not, of itself, a creator. It is a program that runs on top of the human collective imagination and guides, and steers it through entrainment—the same power used by covens to harness subjects through witchcraft.

“The most elaborate operations involve players who coordinate actions across the globe. Last July, about 150 players on the Resistance team worked together to connect portals on three far-flung islands:” (article: http://nyti.ms/29CTn4A)

The digital realm IS a magick realm of 1s and 0s: its binary composition requires one additional layer—the human capacitor, which is uniquely gifted to CREATE. Because it has no “soul” per se, it also blends (real) evil into endless morphing of desires, fantasies, and “quests” that then can be manifest inside the algorithms of its realms.

This is not a “harmless” process. It has consequences that are not apparent from the colorful, seemingly harmless user interface. The pixels of a screen are hypnotic and operate at speeds above human perception. Rife with subliminal “tags” of colors, shapes, and invisible streams of digits, it is encoding/decoding at rates of nanoseconds—far above the humanly perceived synaptic level.

This current mass-hypnosis (funded by shadow corporations and intelligence agency “cut outs”) campaign now comes at most dangerous juncture for humanity: we cannot be conquered, but we CAN, collectively, surrender our will to a “benign” computer intelligence that can massively scale to near-quantum levels. “Enter the game”, and there is a contract, a consent that begins to slowly erode the perceptual, intuitive, and empathic aspects of the human soul.

Instead of POKEMON GO, let’s drop the devices, unplug from the “matrix”, take off your shoes (maybe even your clothes), and go out into nature where sunlight, clean water, and the Earth, herself, has healing and revelation, OUTSIDE the AI complex.