Emily Moyer and Randy Maugans are joined by Quantum Energy Healer/Metaphysician, Chris Kehler and a live group of participants for an inside view on Holisitic Healing for the individual and the planet.

Chris Kehler has an unique mastery of the energy properties that relate to our unique frequencies and deep inner needs. Using an armamentarium of unique devices,, pendulum dowsing, pyramids, and natural substances; Chris penetrates the dimensional level of healing in the personal, physical, and spiritual aspects of his patients. From common conditions to issues with entities, ET abductions, PTSD, and extreme ailments, like Morgellons; Chris is fearless in his pursuit to cleanse not just the person—but the planet and beyond.

Break-“Entity (Original Mix)” by SevenDoors
End titles: “The Healer (Original Mix)” by Liquid Light