Claudia Ayaz and Christine Anderson of arranged for this important conversation to occur, and we engaged the topics of AI, the singularity, and human cosciousness, as Jeffrey provided the biological metaphors.

Jeffrey Sewell’s website:

We are speaking on a subject that is vital for humanity to comprehend, AI or artificial intelligence, our objective is to further disclose how this is influencing humanity in subtle and not so subtle ways, for without knowledge of its existence or comprehension of its prevalence humanity is easily being led into more sophisticated technological control mechanisms.

Jeffrey Sewell has spent many years in deep study of biology, in the process he introduces us to Metabiology, the tenants are simple, ‘As above, so below’ holds true from the nucleus of a cell to the furthest reaches of distant galaxies, life begets life. And it does so in a miraculous pattern that is reflected from the cosmos to the super organism, our Earth and to each of us in our divine vessel, the human body.

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