Exotica Radio Show Podcast-February 1, 2011-Randy Maugans with Temporal Recon (TR)-The John Titor Story: 10 Years After: The First Credible Investigation of John Titor
(Originally posted on: Feb 1, 2011 @ 22:49)

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IBM 5100…essential in 2035

One of the great legends of the early internet is the abiding tale of John Titor, who appeared on the Time Travel Institute forums in November 2000 as time_Travel_0. Claiming to be a visitor from the future world of 2036, he began answering questions. Over time Titor (a later name) began to unfold a sweeping  tale of an America that was post-war—both civil and nuclear, and the primary mission of obtaining an IBM 5100 portable computer—the original “personal computer” and a machine that had a little know capability related to Titor’s mission back in his own “world line.

The story moves back and forth between several time frames from 1975 to 2001, and includes a stop over to warn his own family of coming events. Dropping enticing “hints”, and even a series of fax messages to “Coast To Coast AM” in 1998, Titor leaves a trail of bread crumbs that have been explained, debunked, and scoffed at.

“Conviction Of A Time Traveller” (ascribed to “Anonymous”, a/k/a, the guest, “TR”) is the first attempt to carefully inspect the evidence forensically from a perspective a decade later and substantially What is Ginger?examine often overlooked pieces of the original posts. The result is a fresh perspective that is fascinating, provocative, original, and even prophetic. The examination is dispassionate, yet not without a hint of wonder; allowing the clues to unfold with a narrative that breathes life in the personality and perspectives of the Titor legend.177th Temporal Recon Unit

On this show, “TR” rolls out some of the major facts in the Titor narrative, and slips in a few new insights that are still emerging from the investigation. Combining cutting edge quantum science with pop culture insights; a narrative on the rapidly emerging technology of the last decade with an ominous warning about the possible future yet ahead for the United States…and speculations on a future that failed to unfold…the Titor legend continues to intrigue and provoke.

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