Emily Moyer & Randy Maugans with guest, Derrick Broze
It is clear to anyone who takes a step back, and simply observes the absolute circus that is this election; that humanity has lost its way. Our guest has dedicated his life to helping us find our way again.

Derrick Broze is the founder of the Houston Free Thinkers and the Conscious Resistance Network, owner of Organic Gardens 4 All, writer at the Anti-Media and Activist Post, and co-host of Addiction Free Radio. He joins us to help us break the statist paradigm of coercion, domination and mind control, planting the seeds of peaceful anarchy and voluntaryism by building freedom cells and developing pockets of agorism.

Break – “Anarchy” by Chkheto
Closing – “Freethinker (Sloth remix)” by)Sergei Orange