The TriUnity Series-Episode 3
Dr. Asher’s website:
Soul Revolution:

-The WebBot (Cliff High, George Ure)- and why it is breaking down as human predictability becomes erratic, and consciousness rises.
-The Torah Code (another false control narrative) (Jonathan Cahn); gematria and equidistant letter space coding; prophecy “after-the-fact”
-The 1960s and the 2012 phenomena
-Is awakening human consciousness foiling the Archon/Matrix predictive programming?
-The Eden Effect
-Artificial intelligence, the Archons, the reformatted narrrative/”reality”
-Genesis 11, Babel, CERN (Shiva through a stargate)
-The Flat Creation Space/Stationary Earth
-“Shooting at the sky”: Operation Fishbowl, HAARP, the Van Allen Belt myth
-Under The Dome, Prison planet; who is trapped in inside with us and trying to get out?

TITLE MUSIC: “The Dream of Universe” by Maxim Kornyshev fron the album, Twisted Radius is licensed under a AttributionNoDerivatives 4.0 International License. 05/01/2016. 05/01/2016.