Emily Moyer & Randy Maugans with guest, Zachary Hubbard

Zachary Hubbard is a prolific blogger and video maker. His work is focused on teaching the beneficial skills of numerology and gematria to expose how our daily mainstream media deceives us for the purpose of serving an agenda that is not for we the people. He is dedicated to exposing who is behind this propaganda and putting an end to it. His intention is to expand consciousness to help make a greater community of truth seekers; sharing knowledge and broadening horizons. In his own words- all he cares about is truth.

Topics include: the 2016 election (the show was recorded on Election night as the ballots were coming in), origins of Kabbalistic gematria, Freemasonry and its use of numbers; WHY certain numbers appear in the news; the Sandy Hook numbers; the gematria in the Bible; the coding of language; gematria in sports and the manipulation of games; the use of gematria against black people; the world system driven by numbers, i.e.-the Matrix, The Book of Revelation, the number of the beast 666, the 144,000; Fibonacci Sequence, Pi: the first 144 digits added=666…and how anyone can learn and decode the events around us. Go to Zach’s YouTube Channel and begin decoding your world.

Theme Music: “Futuristic Utopia” by Omnisense
Break – “Numbers” by Norberto Lusso
Closing – “System Break” by Atmospherix