Randy Maugans with Medicine Bear Whitebow & John Stormm

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Two Gen1 and Gen2 MKUltra program veterans discuss the reality and mechanics of the covert mind control programs that use targeted individuals, from childhood, to conduct extraordinary operations within and outside the military system.

Medicine Bear discloses here, for the first time, his own background as an adopted child brought into a Luciferian family where he was systematically prepared and deployed by MK-Ultra and MK-DELTA, under the umbrella of the Phoenix Project, as an operative and programmed assassin.

An orphan born in 1953, John Stormm was taken from his orphanage at a very young age by the CIA and was inducted into the first generation MK Ultra super soldier program, ran by Nazi doctors and scientists where he would be trained to become an “Ultra” and fight communists.

After years of grueling training that left most of the child subjects mentally unstable and some dead, John was one of the few to finish the program. Experiencing years of rigorous training involving electro shock experiments and live ammunition war games, John developed “superhuman abilities”, augmented by implants, augmented bone and skin structures, and trained in martial arts, as well psychic warfare skills.

We discuss the spectrum of clandestine operations under CIA and Military Intelligence; the backgrounds and selection of “recruits”; the spiritual backdrop of Satanism, Luciferianism, and black magic; the hidden masters who sit behind the scenes, the “masters of puppets”. We also delve into UFOs, MiLABS (military abductions), remote viewing; the current state of PUBLIC mind control via the media, electronics, and political manipulations.