OffPlanet Radio Podcast-January 29, 2017
2017 Kick-off show: “Cut The Cards—Game On.”

Year of transition. If 2016 was shuffling the deck, this the year we “cut the cards”.
• We talk about the ch-ch-changes in the world-at-large and with this program as we announce the coming members’ site.
• We discuss the dynamics of producing a media show and why it requires participation from the listeners to make it better. How we plan to navigate the changes, and what it means for listeners.
• We discuss the ongoing issues with YouTube, trolls, the mindset of “free content”, and how the platforms of the web are in rapid change—not for the better.
• We move into a broad sweep of the year to come in the expansion of human potential, consciousness, and why it is “this who count” that will make the next leap forward possible.
• The release by the CIA of 13 million pages of declassified documents online. The documents were previously only physically accessible from four computers at the National Archives in College Park, Maryland. And yes, it includes documents pertaining to purported UFO sightings and the organization’s “Star Gate” program investigating possible psychic abilities and what could be done with them.
• Known as the CIA Records Search Tool, or CREST, the archive spans the CIA’s extensive history, beginning at its inception up through the 1990s, as nothing in the archive is newly declassified. The archive includes information from the Cold War and Vietnam to terrorism and global economics.…
• We discuss the election and why it was divisive, why it is an obsolete mindset to elect leaders, and how the splitting of the human collective continues through the partisan political system.
• We also discuss the application of psychic tools like remote viewing, and how humans are truly multi-dimensional, and possess far more abilities than have been allowed to be developed in the last 100,000 years.
• How civilizations are imploded when key elements of the societies advance beyond the “normative” body; and how we may be very close to an Atlantis-type collapse—or The Two Worlds Hypothesis.
• The Ultimate Espionage Tool.
• Reverse MK-ULTRA by harnessing the collaborative power of subjects of projects, abductions, Tis.
• Vast mind control programs running after WWII that allow black projects access to children for testing and usage in “special access programs”.
• ALL “News” is FAKE NEWS.
• The concept of the small group of advanced conscious Be-ings would advance humanity into the new paradigms.
• Emily discusses the Oakland Underground EDM Rave Warehouse Fire, “The Ghost Ship” and the chilling effects it may have on underground club scene, as opposed to the highly controlled, commercialized popular EDM scene.
• George Webb: “Where Is Eric Braverman” series on YouTube, and why it is important, re: Pizzagate as false redirect. Connect to revelations about DynCorp connections to deep science black projects, child trafficking, and dirty deals against humanity.